On the Fast Track in God’s Time- Chad Owens

OwensIntroduction: How have you reacted when it seemed like your plans were being realized?How did you feel? Were you confident? Where was your confidence placed? But, then (and there are always “But then” moments in each of our lives), something happens that you didn’t expect. Your response can make all the difference in whether you soar to higher heights or sink deep into the pit of demoralization.

Biography: Chad Owens graduated from Roosevelt High School and walked on to the University of Hawaii. His name will forever be regarded during the “hey day” of the June Jone’s era as one of the foremost stars. He dazzled fans and frustrated opponents in the biggest games in UH history before televised audiences. He was drafted to the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, before moving on to the Arena Football League and the Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts. He joins us today after an epic season not only on the grid iron, but, in his life.