Brashton Satele, Liko Satele and Chanteal Satele

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Life is Good- Chanteal Satele – Hawaii Sports Profile


Mobile Audio- Brashton Satele, Liko Satele and Chanteal Satele

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Hawaii is known for its prominence in athletics, particularly in the sports of football and volleyball. These sports have been among the top in recognition for Hawaii across the The Power Behind Athletic Prowess

Brashton Satele (#48) is a linebacker for the New York Jets. Liko Satele (#98) is a defensive end for the UH Warriors and Chanteal Satele (#14) is an outside hitter for the UH Wahine Volleyball team. The Satele’s are known for their athletic prowess. They come from great stock with their father Alvis Satele and Lee Ann Pestana (Satele) both UH phenoms. But what is the power behind athletic success? How did they handle unexpected set backs? When did they realize that disappointment was God’s appointment. They are here to tell us about it.