The Real Magic- John Hirokawa

John Hirokawa

About Today’s Episode:

The “Magic of Polynesia” is one of the most successful shows in the history of the state of Hawaii. John Hirokawa is the star of that show. He has attracted audiences from all over the world. John is both an expert illusionist and incredible showman. How does God reach a person who “has it all”? Success. Fame. Fortune. Who does God use to touch the heart of someone who thinks he can solve any problem? What situations would God work through to reveal to such a person that there is a deeper meaning in life and a relationship with his creator that would revolutionize all that he knew and cherished, for the better. That is the story of John Hirokawa.

About our Guest:

John Hirokawa grew up on Oahu and started his magic career at age six with a magic trick he learned from a library book. By age nine he was performing for luaus, parties, and conventions. At age 12, he appeared on stage with David Copperfield. It was all uphill from there. After earning a business degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, John set out to make it big in showbiz – and succeeded spectacularly. He’s won several awards, among them a Merlin Award for originality from the International Magicians Society, putting him in the company of David Copperfield, Harry Blackstone, Doug Henning and Siegfried & Roy.